A research destination

Wood. A stone. Water.




Our research destination/base NATURA 2020 is located at 400 million years
the old mountain river Lobnica, which is considered the oldest watercourse in the world and has a unique
character of the Pohorje-Drava-Kozjak ecosystem. It flows through the pristinely preserved
primeval forests of conifers and mighty deciduous trees.

We dedicate the film/congress documentary and feature production to Gnothi seauton
generations Y and Z, because they are fighting for the lives of their own children and know what it is
dignity/karma – we reap what we sow. So it applies: clean accounts, good friends.
It is a story of celebrities investing in the community.

The purpose of the investment is to encourage children to go out into nature. Man is like nature, he spins
in the vicious circle of “values, culture, ethics, norms”, which is a difficult puzzle to solve,
which is easily illustrated by a water cycle. This expresses the general truth that the world
it spins forward, that the earth rotates, that the biological clock measures time, which we creatively document.

It is enough for a business leader to just live and speak with his actions. With actions
it shows a vision of what he dreams/loves and what he wants. Acts as master, student/friend, not as
businessman, judge, teacher, doctor. He is made to find his way to his dreams and thus defy them
attacks and accidents. A true master/leader keeps it simple and waits for others
they come to him. His light, however, always changes others as well. Decide for
some alternative activity that helps him get rid of old patterns and
accumulated burdens.

An important door is opening for you right now. This could be the real thing that
you may be waiting, so enter. A quick and correct response regarding one will be very important
matters or new opportunities. Be prepared for a big and happy change and
successful conclusion.

Above all, it is important that you enjoy all of them when discovering/getting to know yourself
biotic diversity of life and remove all doubts. Realize that you are biological
fully prepared/equipped for a new opportunity called the test of imagination
or the Matriculation Examination in Leadership and Management knocking on your door.

A person’s/leadership personality is a natural treasure trove of diversity/talent.
The character of the NATURA 2020 ecosystem is formed by “wood, stone, water”, i.e. “thinking,
decision-making, management” or health (talent, creativity, intelligence) on
the position of leader/awakener.

A good sense of stability is always shattered unexpectedly, from the unknown-unknown
factors or elements of the crisis that trigger defensive reflection or freezing
of a negative behavioral pattern, with which we convince ourselves that we were good at it
past better than we do in the world/test of imagination. On the judgment day before
matriculation exams are not realistic, because we always bet on a vision that the market accepts or not
confirm, which is the best aspect of the innovative test chain. Namely, a feedback loop
it brings the imagination back to the initial stage of affirming Maslow’s needs. There is no need to worry, stress and invest because of information about crisis management
thaw or sprout by themselves.


What can be different when they go through the transformation/awakening path of Gnothi seauton? They will realize that the market for labor, capital and finance is where the first step – thinking – begins and ends. We think/innovate systemically or intuitively. In nature, we think with authenticity. The human capital market is made up of small steps that eventually make a more fatal leap at the end of the research/journey. With authority/integrity/awakening/wisdom. The market is the way.

Investing in ourselves – in the everyday – is hard to resist. Everyday suffering is the easiest to endure, so everyday life becomes a game of reasoning (searching for meaning). This is not serious work regardless of how you feel at any given moment of resonance/suffering.
You are aware that you can do much more than the standard active period of 40 years of hard work. Everything passive happens for a reason – a very good reason for your future.


Wisdom/passivity/powerlessness becomes active with a large time lag of something
decades of dormancy/subservience/humiliation where we didn’t do anything they do
average individuals. We calculated that we need the last atoms of power for
a noble act, as history is sealed by the last contribution. When we overtake, they suppress
our dream not to think of rebellion.
National heroes are imaginary/ideal/fairy tale/symmetric patterns/characters whose last
the thing is helplessness. We dream/share power. Because we practice awakening the imagination, we are
powerless. But we cannot endure in a state of helplessness. Emotional patterns interrupt the disconnected
a pattern that the relationship/flow/care goes its own way.
Resonating/winning people turn off our emotions because we are betting on
nature/system/intuition. This is an above average fast, powerful force. Top results
we reap because we belong. But we are like this, so that we are competitive. Selectively
let’s turn off our emotions. It is increasingly difficult to include emotions in presence. Originality comes at a price –
backward integration.
For the suffering/achievements/contributions that we create 12 hours a day for a longer period of our lives
and six days a week full-time, and the seventh day half-time, we are well paid. Peak/Peace
it’s everywhere. In each pattern we find stability/peace/balance, which in dynamic ones
systems sooner or later collapse.

Peace consists of an information rent called emotions. They represent fragile nature
intelligence that can stop/bring us down. Appealing to the emotions of voters/customers
let’s do it wisely/moderately so as not to burn out. The older we get, the more routine/defensive we become
we open. New things require full energy, they need their time.

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