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We only see what a manifestation/campaign for money with a huge I LOVE NATURA 2020 donation check looks like in movies, where we only see what we want, not the obvious facts.

Students of the economics of virtue ethics believe that the doctrine of the wisdom of Gnothi seauton (who, what we are) is the main lottery prize to buy the I LOVE NATURE 2020 betting ticket. They bet on imagination (the ability to imagine, dream) because it is the ticket to the world emotional intelligence. If we don’t invest in ourselves and buy a ticket, there is no chance of hitting the jackpot. We buy the movie of life with health.

Good emotional health is the key to a dynamic life. The biological clock is ticking. We set the dynamics with investment/strategy. Since we are not professionals who live off wisdom, since this is the priceless, highest honor of honorable/sanctified people, we show gratitude for the gifts and talents we share with others and receive payment/reward/cred (honor, glory, praise) in thanks. If we do our homework now – the maturity test in reasoning – this knowledge will be useful to us later, when it really works. It is precisely this category/ingredient/virtue that decides, makes the difference. Because you realize what you know and what would have happened if you had not walked the path of Gnothi seauton.

The Gnothi seauton cream picking strategy (knowing yourself) can be experienced on film at the thanksgiving stage of Natura 2020. There you hang out with people who inspire you and believe in you. They exalt your nobility, which has infinite potential – everything is love.

With just one word of gratitude/love/wisdom, we sustainably awaken you and push you further towards your goal/mission/potential/maximum/minimum. Towards a fulfilling prophecy. We are simply people who believe in you, who take risks/trust. We honor our commitments and promises, even if such steps were not possible a few months ago. We are the change.

The essence of the Gnothi seauton value innovation strategy (who, what we are) is not only a significantly improved knowledge of oneself, but also the awakening of the imagination (the ability to imagine, the ability to dream in real time), which is crucial for the manifestation of money or the strategy of picking the cream.

We attract/reap what we sow/think/dream/plough. If we plow the fallow land in the field of love, the strategy of all for one, one for all – all is one love – will be realized.

The point is the experience of inimitability and at the same time the challenge of how to repeat the great RRD experience throw. It’s not all about the most advanced smartphone, there are also local legends, the icing on the cake of the cream picking strategy.


Let’s look at the experiential transformation – my 40 breakthrough/decisive years of early sowing, the milestones of which are elaborated by the Gnothi seauton research – which, with great delay, made the late harvest possible:

  • 1982 – president of OK ZSMS, going abroad, giving up his career and leaving his comfort zone;
  • 1986 – morally and physically bankrupt, brother killed by lightning, crisis of meaning, freezing;
  • 1994 – private researcher of the MZT of the RS and the first elections for the mayor of Ruš;
  • 1997 – the first presidential elections in Slovenia;
  • 2000 – death of mother and parliamentary elections;
  • 2010 – elections for the mayor of Ruš;
  • 2012 – first book and presidential election;
  • 2013 – eviction and founding of the association;
  • 2015 – first operation under anesthesia;
  • 2016 – litigation;
  • 2017 – lawsuit against the state and deprivation of business capacity;
  • 2022 – return to original state/comfort zone.

The last period of seven dry cows was marked by five operations under general anesthesia in one year (2015-2016). The consequences of crime against health are known. The shock is permanent. There is no cure. But since I am a Taurus according to my horoscope, I do everything to attract the attention of others by pointing out subjective examples, personal problems. The problem is me because I believe the bull’s example is the most relevant in the world. Taurus periods are everywhere socially accepted as a golden salvation, as more important than anything that happens to others. Because I am not ready to compromise, I am single and only pursue my dreams/goals.

Experiential learning/getting to know/discovery begins with awakening the imagination, discovering something new. Self-affirmation of healthy self-esteem is not a cat’s cough. It takes a deep breath for the soul to exhale the unique voice/sound/self that travels from the frozen/cold self to the thawed/warm/safe state/home/self.

For a deep breath/reflection, we need a transformation (reorganization, transformation, restructuring) of the behavioral pattern in order to act (think, decide, lead) in accordance with our own nature/personality/rationality.

A thorough transformation of the personality or character begins with the Gnothi seauton virtue ethics test, which is intended to awaken/stabilize the imagination/balance.

Our behavior is consistent with nature/personality when:

common sense in reorganizing the behavioral pattern,
resonating in the restructuring of the comfort zone and
innovative in handling optimization.

The behavioral pattern of the personality (masculinity-common-sense, femininity-reasoning, childishness-intuitive) stabilizes over a long time horizon. Our time horizon is infinity, something we often overlook. Three characteristic principles of virtue ethics must be fulfilled, namely:

sue tempore (at the right time in the right place),
sectio aurea (golden section of infinity),
studium generale (necessary and sufficient comprehensiveness).


The Gnothi seauton test is successful despite, or because of, the bull’s stubbornness. It is easy to dismantle one’s own personality and lose character, which collapses at the first coming of age shock/test of a strong/healthy personality when faced with the truth. The voice of the face/self falls silent because it does not understand duty (masculinity, femininity, childhood), the sound of silence/light/self freezes the path/frequency. It’s hard to put together a happy – cinematic – ending. An epic ending that brings the whole world to its feet, not just the domestic audience.

Investing/investing in yourself – every meal/test counts – is a prerequisite for having a hell of a lot of luck/idea/line/event at the end of the investment.

Supporters first ask if you are even able/able to defy/contribute/compete/help. The fundamental question of the Gnothi seauton maturity exam is whether the student can manage time effectively and not be a slave to dry time/money. If he will give something, it will be his time. And your biological clock, dear heart.

It takes time for money to manifest effectively. Money loves speed, so we speed up the break-even (entry/exit) threshold in our own settings. 40 years of natural intelligence have passed. Time to start making/manifesting money with AI. All is one love/manifestation. I like money. I love making money just like everyone else. But I feel healthier if I can share love/money. For me, a little goes a long way. I set a limit.

We raise money for a noble cause. The campaign NATURA 2020 – back to nature, back to the origin is intended for generations Y and Z, as it follows the teaching of the wisdom of Gnothi seauton (who, what we are). We use retrograde insight to call up investors’ money. No one can resist rote learning. It is a magnet that attracts/manifests money. After the coming of age battle of Gnothi seauton, we are all generals/winners/favorites.

Become an example, become a partner. Give a dream check to I LOVE NATURA 2020 at one of our events, which include:

Strategic business conference NATURA 2020 FOR A CLEAN PLANET AND A GOOD CAUSE,

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