Research by Gnothi seauton


The Gnothi seauton research is a demanding, expensive, specific, consistent and precisely therefore urgent personal research and development expert (RRD) experiment of tuning the biorhythm with one’s own nature/personality/diversity, which requires effective management of the biological clock (health, life and property).

Natura 2020 is a simple brand, a symbol of luxury and environmental awareness. The story is simple: by buying NFT NATURA 2020, you are telling people that you are environmentally conscious, wealthy and have good taste. It’s a reflection of legitimacy/genius – you’re communicating that you have taste, money and are committed to protecting the environment.

The goal is to invest in yourself at just the right time. The investment returns with peace of mind. Everyone is a champion at something. One should invest in the industry of youth/craziness (wrong time, wrong place/skills). There is no more room for madness/lostness in wisdom/leadership.

First, the object of study/awakening (being, doing, having) must be defined. The object is causal, i.e. cause-effect (assets-liabilities) or input-output of the value system. The cause is a shift in personal growth from point A to point B.

The human factor, or the character or personality of the leader, is examined at the turning point:

Point A is recall learning, ie. intuitive decision-making resulting in unique solutions.
Point B is learning to see, when we master the management of time or ourselves.

Lesson: the Gnothi seauton problem is solved by investing in yourself, so invest in the Natura 2020 brand.

Therapy: a self-guided walk along a 400-million-year-old mountain river awakens the spirit (masculinity, femininity, childhood), triggers the investor/leadership/visionary streak. You come home with a good sense of peace/calm because you have done everything you can to balance your life, wealth, health and love. You feel better, calm and relaxed.

The trinity (masculinity, femininity, childhood) or the whole trinity (present, past,
the future) is placed on the common denominator of the trinity – I (to be, to do, to have) or
I (to think, decide, lead), where I means talent, creativity,

Gnothi seauton’s test of leadership imagination shows whether we are able to play the game of reasoning (the search for meaning) in a way that means something both at home and in the world. Not all business leaders/teachers are able to overcome their own weaknesses/addictions. Namely, they are unable to connect the interior and absorb the trinity (mind, body and soul) into unity/self/spirit.


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