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Child-friendly Unicef town of Ruše


The legendary freight locomotive TDR MICA

ESG boutique donor conference strategically adresses the World Pharmacists Day (25 September) and the World Tourism Day (27 September), which are the opportunities for discovering natural, cultural, technical, railway, ethnographic, educational and mythical heritage created in the neighbourhood of 400 million years old clear watercourse Lobnica, a humming pearl of the Pohorje mountainside, which awakens healthy spirit in a healthy body in the virgin forest Šumik.

It is intended for participants, who accept a healthy lifestyle according to the motto ‘Back to nature, back to origin’ as a way of green transition to a circular economy. The customized event is refined for a known client, who is able to absorb a corporate culture Gnothi seauton.


Strategic business conference ‘Natura 2020 for a clean planet’ addresses a good purpose in a field of science of life – health as our greatest wealth. Namely, Ars pharmaceutica is a complementary science of the knowledge management teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton.

I love Natura 2020 – ‘back to nature, back to origin’ establishes the corporative integrity Gnothi seauton. The initiative Ars pharmaceutica Minařik highlights excellence of innovations, strengthens healthy life and promotes all-Slovenian history of pharmacy as the intersection of wisdom of a virgin forest/science and sustainable insight into active peaceful coexistence.

Health is our greatest property, which needs to be empowered, also by means of art of pharmacy, natural medicine, spirituality, hiking, cycling, poetry, music symphony and intense sound retreat/healing. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Thus, spiritual love of traditional Pohorje cousine is a perfect remedy/experience. Consequently, a self-guided trip in the open air through the virgin forest Šumik along 400 million years old mountain torrent Lobnica, a humming pearl of the Pohorje mountainside, on the banks of which were born the pharmacist professor Franc Minařik, the poet Janko Glazer and the glass factory owner Benedikt Vivat, awakens a healthy spirit in a healthy body. The team spirit is strengthened and self-affirmed as a cosmopilitan image. Walk at your own risk along a demanding mountain path protected by a wire rope accelerates your bloodstream, because as a participant you take responsibility for yourself, your health and the team. In the virgin forest you do not have access to online connection and phone signal.

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Natura 2020 cares for a clean planet and sustainability by a smart phone application, which enables recording of a video clip of the highest Slovenian waterfall on non-carbonate soil. This approach reflects our social responsibility, because it contributes to preserving unspoiled virgin forest environment. You can find instruction for uploading the application here: https://natura2020.si/en/press-center. Howewer, our book collection Gnothi seauton (knowing yourself) serves to empowerment, as well as raising awareness of importance of a clean planet and a good purpose, which we see in a circular economy and green transition into a carbon-free society of innovations.

We dream of our own charitable green energy, a solar power plant, intended for the nonprofit activity NFT Natura 2020.

NATURA 2020 FOR A CLEAN PLANET AND GOOD PURPOSE addresses behavioural economy of ethics of virtue with its own examples of noble deeds, which present silent (tacit) knowledge, which stems from green luxury of natural, cultural, technical and railway heritage of the water circle Black lake–Black Sea in the eastern Alps in Slovenia, which is most renowned by 400 million years old mountain creek Lobnica, a humming pearl of the Pohorje mountainside.

This year our digital development pursuits the topic LET’S GO NATURA 2020, which is linked to flowering of artificial intelligence, which already started to integrate in a strategy of innovating value of the cover brand Natura 2020. We believe in Generation Y, in directors who will use AI and XR technology.

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During the conference on the World Tourism Day we will also present examples of good practice, as follows:

  • Milan Robič decided to give a book on the teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton (2023) and a handbook on searching sense titled I will become a president of the state (2023) for a good purpose of cosmopolitan imperative Natura 2020, because this is something natural, noble and magnificent in the context of the economy of ethics of virtue.
  • Marko Praprotnik donated a photographic item titled the Beauties of Slovenia of dimensions 5m x 1.8m, which is placed in the Elementary school Janko Glazer in Ruše as a learning aid, what was co-financed by Radio 1 (charity campaign Deželak the Hero), because this is something natural, noble and magnificent.
  • The Photo club Maribor supported a photographic mission titled Minařik’s silky rapids, which will be exhibited in an honour of the anniversary of birth of a pharmacist professor Franc Minařik after charity photo session, in accordance with ideals of the economy of ethics of virtue.
  • A tourist train for panoramic ride of more than 500 children of the Elementary school Janko Glazer Ruše and their parents will operate on the third Tuesday in October, in the time of the school’s chestnut picnic, because we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of foundation of the Society Natura 2020. Namely, sharing happiness for the sake of children and community is something natural, noble and magnificent in the context of the economy of ethics of virtue.
  • Our ideal client is a Hollywood star Charles Keanu Reeves. Basically, his behavioural economy of ethics of virtue is the reason, that we believe in a power of movie tourism. Dreams of immaterial cultural heritage are a tripple movie, which ought to influence different cultures and become litmus paper for discovering mental attitude of ‘masculinity, femininity, puerility’. 
  • Do you know, that 99.99% of people have never been in a virgin forest yet? Do you know, that through the virgin forest Šumik, where does not exist phone signal and you can reach the highest Slovenian waterfall on non-carbonated ground along demanding mountain path, flows 400 million years old creek Lobnica, a humming pearl of the Pohorje mountainside. On its banks were born a famous pharmacist professor Franc Minařik (1887–1972), a poet Janko Glazer (1893–1975) and a glassworker Benedikt Vivat (1786–1867).

We perform the strategic business conference NATURA 2020 FOR A CLEAN PLANET AND GOOD PURPOSE every year on the 27 September, i.e. on the World Tourism Day. We are loyal to the commitment ‘back to nature, back to origin’.

The conference is informative promotional tribute to the technical heritage – LEGENDARY LOCOMOTIVE TDR MICA, which left its mark on the Balkan peninsula, which is the crossroads of the Alpine, Pannonian, Mediterranean and Dinaric regions. The locomotive’s soul is alive museum item, which is exhibited in front of the main railway station in teh town of Ruše along the railway line Dravograd–Maribor. Our goal is, that the conference becomes a three-day holiday of world tourism, which is oriented to the technical dowry of the Slovenian Railways.

We perform the event in a personalised manner, for a known donor of the conference, which is open for interested public which respects our high-tech investments in ecologically acceptable presentation of natural, cultural and immaterial heritage of the water circle Black lake–Black Sea, which also consists of primevally preserved virgin forest Šumik, where flows 400 million years old mountain creek Lobnica, the humming pearl of the Pohorje mountainside. We decrease a carbon footprint by investments in IT solutions, which transfer colossal beauty of the ecosystem Pohorje mountainside-Drava river-Kozjak mountainside to the user’s home, what lowers pressure on the virgin forest and brings relief to unspoiled environment.

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The informative event is supported scientifically and educationally. Its goal is empowerment of interested investing public by opportunities and privileges of investing in the brand/story NATURA 2020 FOR A CLEAN PLANET AND GOOD PURPOSE.

We look for a contact with investors in:

  • unprecious metals, because we want to issue the SILVER COIN ‘I LOVE NATURA 2020’ of numismatic value;
  • crypto currency igrification of the NFT coin NATURA 2020;
  • • glamping NATURA 2020.

The Society Natura 2020 develops green industrial projects of boutique ecological tourism and technology, which facilitate transition to the zero-carbon society. Our base is located in the heart of traditionally green industrial centre of the town of Ruše, which uses cheap renewable energy.



  • Technical cultural heritage LEGENDARY LOCOMOTIVE TDR MICA
  • – Trip with a tourist train Jurček


  • Presentation of the brochure about 400 million years old mountain creek titled LOBNICA, THE HUMMING PEARL OF THE POHORJE MOUNTAINSIDE
  • Presentation of the Lovrenc lake water lily in a mobile TaleUp application
  • Permanent photographic exhibition AMAZING VIRGIN FOREST ŠUMIK
  • Permanent photographic exhibition ENCHANTED POHORJE SLEEPING BEAUTY
  • Book GNOTHI SEAUTON with gilded edges


  • Granting recognitions of the Society Natura 2020
  • Private investor dinner
  • Silver coin ‘I LOVE NATURA 2020’

Participation is limited. The event is free of charge. The train performs only one circular running.



Day 1 (for a known donor/orderer)::

  • 12.45: gathering nearby a legendary locomotive TDR MICA and sightseeing of this museum item
  • 13.00: trip with a tourist train (start/finish TDR MICA)
  • 13.30: visit of permanent exhibitions of photographic items AMAZING VIRGIN FOREST ŠUMIK and ENCHANTED POHORJE SLEEPING BEAUTY
  • 13.30: presentation of the book I WILL BECOME A PRESIDENT OF THE STATE
  • 13.45: presentation of a book with gilded edges about the teaching GNOTHI SEAUTON
  • 14.00: presentation of the brochure LOBNICA, A HUMMING PEARL OF THE POHORJE MOUNTAINSIDE
  • 14.15: 3D presentation of a WATER LILY from the Lovrenc lake and playing of a videoclip of the Grand Šumik waterfall in the TaleUp application
  • 15.00: catering and separation of participants of the introductory panel 
  • 17.00: dinner of a private investor for a known orderer (presentation of the SILVER COIN ‘I LOVE NATURA 2020’ and the collection of 1000 NFT coins/tokens NATURA 2020)

Day 2 (for a known donor/orderer)::

  • 9.00: business breakfast and demonstrations of sustainable IT achievements
  • 10.00: excursion with guided sightseeing of natural, cultural and technical dowry along 400 million years old mountain creek Lobnica, a humming pearl of the Pohorje mountainside
  • 12.00: excursion AMAZING VIRGIN FOREST ŠUMIK (including self-guided visit of the Grand Šumik waterfall)
  • 14.00: excursion BLACK LAKE (with natural colourfel therapies)
  • 16.00: RELAXING INTERMISSION – swimming pool and wellness ŠPR
  • 17.00: dinner of a private investor for a known orderer (presentation of the SILVER COIN I LOVE NATURA 2020 & I FEEL SLOVENIA and collection of 1000 NFT coins/tokens NATURA 2020)

Day 3 (donor selects one of hospitalities at 10 o’clock)::

  • 9.00: business breakfast ESCAPE ROOM OF THE GUESTHOUSE RIBIČ
  • 10.00: chase for a hidden treasure ENCHANTED POHORJE SLEEPING BEAUTY
  • 10.00: realistic castle escape BRIGAND’S BRIDE
  • 10.00: photo safari adventure WATER SPRITE JEZERNIK
  • · 12.00: separation

Catering provided by the Guesthouse Ribič, where the Society permanently exhibits two photographic wallpapers of dimensions 5m x 1,8m which present natural, cultural and technical heritage.

Networking takes place on a boutique scale. VIP participation in the main panel exclusively for a known donor/orderer.

Accomodation by your own choice. We recommend you the Hotel Veter Ruše.

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