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Natura 2020 is a global local initiative for enlightenment, cosmopolitanism and field education, which didactically evolves, implements and promotes applying the contents of the teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton in programs of education in a field of science of behavioural economy of ethics of virtue. Its goal is learning, development of imagination and leadership skills, as well as increasing interest of youth for further education and work in this field of nobleness, leadership and knowledge management.

Natura 2020 supports mainly informal education community of elementary and secondary schools. We introduce gradual expansion to various forms of integral tourist supply, as well as engagement of pre-school children and families.

Natura 2020 takes the benefit of attraction of topics linked to personal development, lifestyle and transformation to support development of leadership knowledge and skills in youth, raising awareness of numerous possibilities and useful solutions of healing and survival on the banks of 400 million years old virgin forest miracle.

Natura 2020 is a project/program of cooperation between local and national partners. The choice of major partner is a flexible one; it can be Natura 2020 or its project partner.

There are to target groups:

  • Community of teachers (includind students) as a random actor, which is a driving force of changes and efficient factor of multiplication/spreading the teaching/knowledge/network and skills/imagination.
  • Pupils and students up to age of 19 with engagement of pre-school children and families.

Nonprofit congress events Ars pharmaceutica Minařik Natura 2020 address authentic, locally oriented and green experiences for promotion of development of boutique tourism.

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We strive for a comprehensive consideration of 400 million years old mountain torrent Lobnica, a humming pearl of the Pohorje mountainside. 

Purpose of all-Slovenian campaign/activity is promotion of natural, cultural and technical dowry in more than 400 million years old sustainable ecosystem of the Pohorje mountainside-Drava river-Kozjak mountainside. 

Our aim is creation of boutique green XR services/investments Natura 2020 Premium. We want to get closer to people/investors/co-financers in a mutual/harmonious manner.


Congress activities of natural intelligence Natura 2020 Premium address self-guided experiences of natural, cultural and technical dowry of a sustainable ecosystem of the Pohorje mountainside-Drava river-Kozjak mountainside. On the other hand, the system of artificial intelligence encompasses guided interactive experiences Let’s go Natura 2020, which use support of the XR (VR, AR & MR) technology for presenting educative sports attractions, natural beauties and immaterial heritage of the water circle Black lake–Black Sea. A main characteristic of the latter is 400 million years old mountain creek Lobnica on the Pohorje mountainside with the highest Slovenian virgin forest waterfall on non-carbonate soil. On the banks of Lobnica were born famous men of Pohorje – a pharmacist professor Franc Minařik, a poet Janko Glazer and a glass factory owner Benedikt Vivat.

Congress activities – forum/conference/festival/congress – are opportunities in a context of circular economy, which is deeply connected with a basic mission and values of charity, for passing a maturity exam in nobleness. In organisation of local legends of the Tourist society Natura 2020 will take place a broad spectrum of narrative, experimental and popular scientific events, exhibitions and interdisciplinary conversations about life nearby 400 million years old virgin forest waterfall in the past and present.

Technological development and innovations continue to decay green luxury of the Pohorje mountainside, generate sustainable ideas, models, skills and relationships, which are quickly pushed aside. We should assign a proper place to artificial intelligence, what would enable us comprehensive managing of healthy relationships with coming generations, who will lead those ignored places toward the new age, by attracting younger nomads to work, life and spending their leisure time beside stone, water and wood. Exhibitions consider the character of creating, working and living in the present, when artificial intelligence started to leak into all segments of everyday life.

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By digital solution LET’S GO Natura 2020 we intend to perform a recommendative quiz, which would provide findings about secrets of playful learning. In this way you would be able to see and feel reality of visiting virgin forest by means of XR technology. Consequently, you would discover, how human living will get intertwined with nature in the future. Namely, you would experience this at every step of a demanding virgin forest path, secured by a wire rope and suitable for an amazing test of team building. Natural and artificial intelligence complement one another. Thus, we will pay special attention to development of the MINAŘIK MUSEUM ODEUM NATURA 2020, which will be based on the XR technology as a teaching tool for all-Slovenian school community.

The congress activities LET’S GO NATURA 2020 – ARS PHARMACEUTICA MINAŘIK will culminate on the 9th of June 2027, on the occasion of 140th anniversary of birth of professor Franc Minařik. Preparations started five years before this date.

We invite you to join our partnership programme. Become a role model of sponsor, donor, supporter. We want to raise a critical mass of donated funds for demystification of the XR technology in a sphere of tourism.

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