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Ruše, 9. june (custom made)

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Child-friendly Unicef town of Ruše


The birthplace of the pharmacist professor Franc Minařik

Festival of promotion and discovering a hometown of a pharmacist Minařik, poet Glazer and glass factory owner Vivat.
Festival of customized self-guided walking, hiking, and guided journeys with a tourist train.

A historian and pharmacist professor Franc Minařik was born nearby 400 million years old golden dam of the mountain creek Lobnica, known as a humming pearl of the Pohorje mountainside. Namely, he was born in an administrative building of the glass factory NOVI BENEDIKTOV DOL on Smolnik, which is nowadays a part of the child-friendly Unicef town of Ruše, where he attended primary school, because his father was a director of the glass factory.

He was a winner of the Schelenz plaquette, the highest prize, which can be awarded to a historian of pharmacy. He also won the order of merits for a nation with the golden star, as well as the Winkler plaquette by International society for history and the award Lauri di palatino of the University of Pisa. University of Ljubljana appointed him associate professor of a history of medicine, while the German society for a history of pharmacy posthumously awarded him the Ferchel medal.

He died on the 9th of June 1972 in Maribor. He is buried in Lenart. His surname is given to streets in Maribor and Ruše. We also have Minařik medals – recognition awards of the Slovenian pharmaceutical society.

Online source: Ruše, 8 February 2023

24. oktober 1957 - Dr. Minarik Fran, avtor Jože Gal Večer

24. oktober 1957 – Dr. Minařik Fran, avtor Jože Gal, Večer

Promotion 2024

  1. Opening of a permanent photographic exhibition Minařik’s golden silky rapids of 400 million years old mountain creek Lobnica in the Elementary school of Janko Glazer Ruše in cooperation with the Photo club Maribor. 
  2. Panoramic journey with a tourist train through the old centre of a child-friendly Unicef town of Ruše, as well as in the vicinity of birthplaces of a pharmacist professor Franc Minařik and a poet Janko Glazer.
  3. Festival of easy circular trips along the colossal Lobnica valley, as well as demanding hiking and mountain biking across the virgin forest Šumik.
  4. Book forum on the topic of behavioural economy of ethics of virtue Gnothi seauton, and presentation of motivational handbook about searching sense titled I will become a president of the state.
  5. Culinary fun hospitality Lobniška riža on the banks of a clear mountain watercourse with guided sightseeing of remnants of mills, sawmills and carpentry facilities.
  6. The gathering place for viewing the permanent photography exhibition is Gostišče Ribič, Šarhova pot 4, Ruše.
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Vir: Eduard Lind, Steklarna Benediktov dol, o. pl., po 1854, Pokrajinski muzej Maribor (odkupljeno za nepridobitne namene)


addresses as main values transparency and sincerity, connection of best people, excellence in relation to clients, efficiency and innovativeness, as well as close relationship with people who make us possible to create in a sustainable ecosystem of the Pohorje mountainside-Drava river-Kozjak mountainside in a child-friendly Unicef town of Ruše the environment, where open communication and everyday challenges are not only welcome, but also mean responsibility to 400 million years old mountain watercourse Lobnica, a humming pearl of the water circle Black lake–Black Sea, which flows through the virgin forest Šumik on the Pohorje mountainside.

The vision of digital transformation ARS PHARMACEUTICA MINAŘIK – LET’S GO NATURA 2020 is to become the best on-line destination in the XR (VR & AR & MR) technology in Styria as well as Slovenia.

Our goal is taking care for zero carbon footprint of a boutique destination on the Ruško Pohorje mountainside. We plan to achieve this by setting up on-line platform LET’S GO NATURA 2020 and recommendative quiz LET’S GO Natura 2020 Premium, which are performed to offer support to our strategic sponsors and official donors in achieving their strategic, business and financial goals. We also protect mutual trust in accordance with legislation and by strengthening credibility, responsibility, excellence, honesty, loyalty and integrity of sustainable raising awareness, education and empowerment with regard to natural, cultural and technical heritage of experiential destination Natura 2020. By presence/authenticity we establish a long-term vision with multifaceted positive effects, which reflect in broader Slovenian space. Namely, on a basis of principles of the economy of ethics of virtue according to the teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton we promote culture of harmony.


The aim of promotion the birthplace of a pharmacist professor Franc Minařik, a poet Janko Glazer and a glass factory owner Benedikt Vivat is to proclaim their reputation, as well as reputation of destination in the vicinity of 400 million years old virgin forest waterfall Grand Šumik, the highest Slovenian waterfall on non-carbonate soil, on Slovenian and foreign markets in a sphere of movie, photographic and experiential tourism, where we participate with 3D-modelled water lily from Lovrenc lakes and a videoclip about 24 metres high Grand Šumik waterfall. “Help to yourself”: it’s the motto of a campaign, which we use for raising funds of official sponsors and donors for investment in bilingual on-line platform LET’S GO Natura 2020 Premium. It will enable us giving credible assistance to interested stakeholders in discovering boutique historical and local heritage of green circular transition.

  • LET’S GO ON A TRAIN – LET’S GO TO THE CHILD-FRIENDLY UNICEF TOWN OF RUŠE. A purpose is to discover 400 million years old mountain torrent Lobnica, a humming pearl of the Pohorje mountainside, including visit of the permanent photographic exhibition AMAZING VIRGIN FOREST ŠUMIK.
  • LET’S GO TO AMAZING VIRGIN FOREST TO DISCOVER 400 MILLION YEARS OLD GRAND ŠUMIK WATERFALLis a photographic excursion intended for taking winter videos by use of a drone.
  • LET’S GO TO SMOLNIK TO DISCOVER 400 MILLION YEARS OLD COLOSSAL CANYON OF THE LOBNICA VALLEY – winter trip along the colossal canyon from the Harič sawmill to remnants of the Marinc sawmill. Phone signal does not exist.
  • LET’S GO TO RUŠE WINE PATH– discover a descendant of the oldest vine in the world Modra kavčina and make a circular walk along 2.7km long wine path to find an entrance to the Pohorje underground world, where lives the enchanted Pohorje Sleeping Beauty.
  • LET’S GO TO HELP A FOX TO FIND ITS DEN is a trip for the youngest participants.
  • LET’S GO POD GOROJ for a visit of a summer theatre with a prince’s stone and walk to the bench of love.
  • LET’S GO BY BYCICLE TO RUPNIK BUNKER ON THE BANK OF DRAVA RIVER ON BEZENA, where you can enjoy a view of the Viltuš mansion from the opposite bank of the Drava river.
  • LET’S GO TO CIRCULAR RIDE WITH A TOURIST TRAIN AROUND THE WATER GONDOLA LOBNIŠKA RIŽA – a panoramic ride from the eastern to the western roundabout of the town of Ruše, which crosses the old centre of the town.
  • LET’S GO TO MOTIVATIONAL WORKSHOP GNOTHI SEAUTON to learn about innovative business model of awakening leadership competences MARKET ENTRY in fields of labour, capital and finances.
  • LET’S GO TO ON-LINE SCHOOL OF AWAKENING. Awakening imagination/nobleness is a unique and sacred moment, which links you to the character of the virgin forest and 400 million years old watercourse regardless of your religion or tradition. You can choose it to raise your empowerment, as an upgrade of your leadership skills.

 Mimimal number of participants: 50 (one bus/train). 

Maximal customized team building participation: 250 persons a day.

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