Charity humanitarian


If it is Christmas, let it be Natura 2020 for everybody!

Ruše, 21. 12. (each year)


Charity humanitarian FESTIVAL MERRY DECEMBER NATURA 2020 – IF IT IS CHRISTMAS, LET IT BE NATURA 2020 FOR EVERYBODY is dedicated to the teaching ‘help yourself’, because you get the best idea in nature.

We organise it as a tribute to pharmacist and historian prof. Franc Minařik, who was born in an administrative building of the glassworks of Ruše beside 400 million years old mountain creek Lobnica. His father was a director of the glassworks. In his birthplace he does not have recognisable tourist memorial, and therefore we raise donorship and partnership money for all-Slovenian IT promotional sustainable campaign of empowerment, establishment of headquarters of the Minařik glamping Natura 2020, as well as ecological all-terrain vehicle for winter RRD work of creating documentary movie, and a van for transport of tourists.

A charity campaign of raising money takes place:

  • from 8 October, when we celebrate Minařik’s birthday, which is a doors open day which is marked by journey with a tourist train and chestnut picnic;
  • in November we organise excursion Merry Martin NATURA 2020 at the Ruška gorca;
  • 21 December is a summit of celebrating merciness and kindness, when we bring joy to the target group of pupils of the Elementary school Janko Glazer Ruše with the Father Christmas play I LOVE NATURA 2020 & I FEEL SLOVENIA.

Charitably-ecological events which will be organised through the whole year are intended for co-financing of nonprofit self-help, promotion, as well as raising of donations/sponsorship funds to issue: the NFT token NATURA 2020, the silver coin I LOVE NATURA 2020, the book GNOTHI SEAUTON, to perform the campaign NATURA 2020 FOR A CLEAN PLANET AND GOOD PURPOSE, to buy our own real estate in medium mountain region for summer school and winter camps for children, to purchace business premises for the tourist agency ADVENTURE NATURA 2020, as well as a field vehicle, commercial premises for the START-UP NATURA 2020 and IT equipment to be used at the headquarters of the Society.

Our goal is to raise at least 200,000 EUR of donations, what would enable us to buy the property. From the Slovenian Railways we received a donation of 3,000 EUR, from DM Drogerie Markt 2,000 EUR, one donation in amount of 1,000 EUR and several one-time donations of 500 EUR. We are very glad for getting general donations. We invite you to become our donor/sponsor. You return us one signed and stamped copy of the donation agreement for accounting purposes!

Money rules the world. Money likes speed. Time is money. However, money is not everything. Wise people bet on health, love and care for children. Friendship is the most important thing, because a child needs a friend, a woman needs a friend, a man needs a friend.


You will remember us for our communication. You will remember us for our attitude. We invest ourselves in realisation of the principle ‘paid bills are good friends’. If we want to become friends of children, we need to raise funds for IT and other equipment, which we will use for absorbing innovative ideas and mitigating social disparities between children. Contribute for our worthy objectives. We have never paid even 1 EUR for voluntarily performed working hours yet.

Marko Praprotnik is our photographic nestor, patron. Jože Hertiš, a founder of the company SELTRON and sponsor of our entrepreneurial idea, provides us a stable donation each month.

We proudly proclaim, that we are among the most successful factors of development of nonprofit boutique tourism in the administrative district of Ruše, where we will celebrate our 10th anniversary on the 8 October 2023. Our common values – team spirit of voluntarism, commitment and excellence, loyalty and integrity of our brand – create a perfect partnership. By field, organisational and leadership experiences we support local environment and promote progress of children from socially vulnerable communities in school as well as extracurricular activities.

Partnership with so high levels of reputation/work/capital strengthens trust of a local and global community in our charitable-humane-green-sustainable vision, which enables us to intensify our mission in the region in an agile/innovative way. Our objective is to start working in the IT cloud. Our objective is to create movie, photographic, theatre, cultural, painting, drawing and music production. We want to connect nature, art and private economic diplomacy. We want to express our own creativity in augmented, virtual and physical reality.



  • 12.45: gathering at the main railway station in the town of Ruše
  • 12.50: sightseeing of the legendary freight locomotive TDR MICA
  • 13.00: trip with a tourist train Jurček


  • 13.15: guided visit of the permanent exhibition of photographic items AMAZING VIRGIN FOREST ŠUMIK
  • 13.30: guided visit of the permanent exhibition of photographic items ENCHANTED POHORJE SLEEPING BEAUTY
  • 13.45: discussion about the book I WILL BECOME A PRESIDENT OF THE STATE
  • 14.00: discussion about the book GNOTHI SEAUTON
  • 14.15: 3D presentation of a water lily from the Lovrenc lakes in the TaleUp application
  • 14.30: videoclip of the Grand Šumik waterfall in the TaleUp applicatio
  • 14.45: catering
  • 15.00: separation


  • 17.00: Silver coin I LOVE NATURA 2020
  • 17.30: NFT coin NATURA 2020
  • 18.00: concert
  • 18.15: poetry
  • 18.30: dinner of a private investor and potential Midnight Mass attendance

We will carry out the festival CHRISTMAS MORNING NATURA 2020 in a royal/personalised manner. It will be the VIP event open for loyal donors/supporters/partners of resounding. The CHRISTMAS MORNING NATURA 2020 is dedicated to development of a private economic initiative. We will evolve tricks for making sharper mind. We will discover secrets of spirit/wisdom/self. Feelings of responsibility/love during our growth as a team are historic, unchangeable, unique and authentic. They do not leave us alone. It is not a sin, if we try again. Namely, we are not a community of like-minded individuals. We do not leave our career and personal growth to other people, but exclusively to ourselves. Inner peace is a sustainable reward/investment, which is a result of many years of investing in ourselves.

Number of participants is limited to 45 adults. Gathering in the Guesthouse Ribič, Šarhova path 4, Ruše every day from 7 AM to 10 PM.

Charity humanitarian


If it is Christmas, let it be Natura 2020 for everybody!

Ruše, 21. 12. (each year)



Charitable. Humanitarian. Nature conservation.

The festival of raising capital, funds and money is aimed at investing in the acquisitions of boutique tourism. Donor funds are preferentially collected for the preservation of the natural heritage of Prof. Franca Minařik, who was born next to the 400-million-year-old mountain river Lobnica, as well as the wider artistic and cultural endowments of Pohorje-Drava-Kozjak. We are trying to buy a small, up to 1000 m2, large farm land and build ARS PHARMACEUTICA MINARIKOVO KOČO NATURA 2020 with its own solar power plant.

We started the festival experience of Happy December on 1 December 2022 when we activated the renewed website. On December 2, 2022, we participated in the opening of the NATURA 2022-BEES art exhibition. On December 21, 2022, Santa’s show I LOVE NATURE 2020 will be performed for 50 children of Janko Glazer Elementary School. Marko Praprotnik. At the same time, we are working on publishing our own collection of books/researches created for protocol purposes. When the time is ripe, we will issue our own bond. Help yourself – clean bills, good friends/donors.

We direct the collected capital – human, material and financial – to the lifelong development of Minařik’s congress activities held in Ruše, Slovenia and around the world.

Nature. Art. Diplomacy.

Ruše is a Celtic settlement. Ruše is a healthy town. Ruše is a child-friendly Unicef town. Ruše is an elderly-friendly town. The town of Ruše has 400 million years old mountain creek Lobnica, the humming pearl of the Pohorje mountainside, which flows through the virgin forest Šumik. This is the oldest watercourse in the world and a part of the water circle Black lake–Black Sea.

We document exploration of the water circle Black lake–Black Sea by taking photographs and making videoclips. We are oriented to promotion of boutique tourism at home and abroad. For performing fair events and field work we need quality equipment, which is of crucial importance. We target (documentary) movie tourism. Our ideal client is a Hollywood star Keanu Reeves, a guardian of nature and proponent of ethics of virtue. For a purpose of meeting/cooperating serves the author teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton (who, what we are). History teaches us, that a human nature of charitableness and nobleness supports us. The town of Ruše had the first secondary school in Slovenian part of Styria. We learn from natural wisdom, which is accessible to all noble people.


The shortest day and the longest night is a milestone moment, which presented the only real and natural beginning of the new year for our ancestors. The Celts call the winter solstice day Yule/Jul, what means circle/wheel. The mystical wheel of nature stops for a moment of eternity. The cycle of late harvest freezes. Begins the cycle of regeneration/awakening, which is fueled by a new birth of life in the circle of infinity. In the evening of the winter solstice day we use poetry and music to connect ourselves to our inner wisdom, which we bet on. It is time of knowledge, intuition and inner insights. The mysteries of life are explored. Pre-conscious changes to conscious. Darkness to light. Weakness to strength. We realize, who, what we are. So, on a basis of conscious reflexion we prepare a path of kindness, mercy. Raising donations is an ancient ritual, a celebration of gratitude and joy. Snowflakes create magic dancing moments. For winter field exploring in the virgin forest Šumik we need a special vehicle, which reliably serves to us during harsh winter. We need quality RRD equipment, that photographs, documentary films and videoclips will warm our hearts, which are cold in their attitude to nature. All these acts have a deeper meaning. They connect. We are heard and seen. We are in a touch with nature, as well as in a contact with people. We creatively culturally sound out the town. In the town we bet on wisdom, the active power of connecting/awakening.

Charity festival is a holiday, intended for celebration of merry December, which is the time of giving presents and performing a raffle, what already starts at the end of November. We have to share happiness. In realisation of this intention generously helps us a company DM Slovenija. They provided 1,000 rich practical prizes for the raffle. Every raffle ticket wins a prize. Price of a raffle ticket is a symbolic one. We raise donations in cooperation with societies PG Ruše and KORK Ruše. Stalls stand free of charge. Follow us on social media. We share incomes. We help to each other. We support each other by connecting.

A purpose of the festival is raising donations. In this way people show their responsibility to sustainability and boutique tourism. We can not imagine better contribution to humankind and child-friendly Unicef town of Ruše. Entering a new year should be nobly coloured.

The summit of annual tourist tributes to technical heritage of freight transport is a holiday of the legendary locomotive TDR MICA, which we celebrate on 21 December, the winter solstice day(

This event is not competition in brainstorming or searching for prestige. Its purpose is awakening according to donating skills. The aim of annual and December charity is recreation, socialising and active spending a day in our healthy, child-friendly Unicef town of Ruše.

We wish you merry, healthy and successful New Year 2023!

Team Natura 2020

Dobrodelni humanitarni


Če je Božič, naj bo Natura 2020 za vse!

Ruše, 21.12. (vsako leto)



Dobrodelno. Humanitarno. Naravovarstveno.

Festival zbiranja kapitala, sredstev in denarja je namenjen vlaganjem v pridobitve butičnega turizma. Prednostno se zbira donatorska sredstva za ohranitev naravne dediščine prof. Franca Minařika, ki se je rodil ob 400 milijonov let stari gorski rečici Lobnici, kot tudi širše umetniške in kulturne dote Pohorja-Drave-Kozjaka. Prizadevamo si kupiti manjšo, do 1000 m2, veliko kmečko zemljišče in postaviti ARS PHARMACEUTICA MINARIKOVO KOČO NATURA 2020 z lastno sončno elektrarno, to je nekje 500 m višinske razlike nad njegovo rojstno hišo upravne zgradbe steklarne BENEDEKTOV NOVI DOL na Smolniku pri Rušah na Pohorju.

Festivalsko doživetje veselega decembra smo pričeli z dne 1.12.2022 ko smo aktivirali prenovljeno spletno stran. Dne 2.12.2022 smo sodelovali pri otvoritvi likovne razstave NATURA 2022-ČEBELE. Dne 21.12.2022 bo za 50 otrok vrtca OŠ Janko Glazer izvedena Božičkova predstava I LOVE NATURA 2020. Hkrati bomo pripravili fotografski eksponat I LOVE NATURA 2020 – LEPOTE SLOVENIJE za avtorsko razstavo člana g. Marko Praprotnika. Sočasno se trudimo z izdajo lastne kolekcije knjig/raziskav, ustvarjenih v protokolarne namene. Ko čas dozori izdamo lastno obveznico. Pomagaj si sam – čisti računi, dobri prijatelji/donatorji.

Zbrani kapital – človeški, materialni in finančni – usmerjamo v vseživljenjski razvoj Minařikovih kongresnih dejavnosti izvedenih v Rušah, Sloveniji in po svetu.

Narava. Umetnost. Diplomacija.

Ruše so keltska naselbina. Ruše so zdravo mesto. Ruše so otrokom prijazno Unicefovo mesto. Ruše so starostnikom prijazen kraj. Ruše imajo 400 milijonov let staro gorsko rečico Lobnico, šumeči biser Pohorja, ki teče skozi pragozd Šumik. To je najstarejši vodotok na svetu in del vodnega kroga Črno jezero–Črno morje.

Raziskovanje vodnega kroga Črno jezero–Črno morje fotografsko in video dokumentiramo. Usmerjeni smo v promocijo butičnega turizma. Doma in po svetu. Za sejemske dogodke in delo na terenu potrebujemo kakovostno opremo, ki je prelomne vrednosti. Ciljamo na dokumentarni in igrani filmski turizem. Naša idealna stranka je hollywoodski igralec Keanu Reeves, varuh narave in zagovornik etike kreposti. Za srečanje/sodelovanje služi avtorski nauk o modrosti Gnothi seauton (kdo, kaj smo). Zgodovina nas uči, da nam človekova narava dobrodelnosti in plemenitosti stoji ob strani. Ruše so imele prvo učilišče na slovenskem Štajerskem. Učimo se iz naravne modrosti, ki je dostopna vsem plemenitim ljudem.


Najkrajši dan in najdaljša noč je prelomni trenutek, ki je za naše prednike veljal kot edino pravo in naravno novo leto. Kelti imenujejo dan solsticija Yule oz. Jul, kar pomeni krog oz. kolo. Mistično kolo narave se za trenutek večnosti zaustavi. Cikel pozne žetve se zamrzne. Na vrsti je cikel prerojevanja oz. prebujenja, ki ga prinaša novo rojstvo življenja v krogu neskončnosti. Na večer zimskega solsticija se s poezijo in glasbo povežemo s svojo notranjo modrostjo, na katero stavimo. To je čas znanja, intuicije in notranjih vpogledov. Skrivnosti življenja se raziščejo. Predzavedno postane zavedno. Tema svetloba. Nemoč moč. Dojamemo, kdo, kaj smo. Tako z zavestno refleksijo pripravimo pot dobrote, milosti. Zbiranje donacij je starodavni ritual, praznik hvaležnosti in veselja. Plesne trenutke nam pričarajo zimske snežinke. Za zimsko raziskovanje terena pragozda Šumik je potrebno posebno terensko vozilo, ki nas ne pusti ravnodušne med kruto zimo. Potrebna je kakovostna RRD oprema, da bodo fotografije, dokumentarni filmi in videoposnetki ogreli naša srca, ki so hladna do narave. Vsa ta dejanja imajo globlji pomen. Povezujejo. Slišani smo in videni. Smo v stiku z naravo. Z ljudmi. Ustvarjamo kreativni kulturni utrip mesta. V kraju stavimo na modrost, aktivno silo povezovanja/prebujenja.

Dobrodelni festival je praznik, namenjen praznovanju veselega decembra, ki je praznik obdarovanja in srečolova, s katerim začnemo ob koncu novembra. Srečo je treba deliti. K sreči nam velikodušno pomaga podjetje DM Slovenija. Podarili so 1000 bogatih praktičnih nagrad za srečolov. Vsaka srečka zadene. Cena srečke je simbolična. Donacije zbiramo v sodelovanju s PG Ruše in KORK Ruše. Stojnice so postavljene javno. Sledite nam na družbenih omrežjih. Prihodke si delimo. Pomagamo si. Podpiramo se s povezovanjem.

Festival je namenjen zbiranju donacij. S tem ljudje pokažejo odgovornost do trajnosti in butičnega turizma. Boljšega prispevka človeštvu in otrokom prijaznemu Unicefovemu mestu Ruše nimamo. Skok v novo leto naj bo plemenito obarvan.

Vrh celoletnih turističnih poklonov tehniški dediščini tovornega prometa je praznik legendarne lokomotive TDR MICA, ki ga praznujemo 21. decembra, na dan zimskega solsticija.

Prireditev ni tekmovanje v viharjenju možganov ali prestižu. Namen dogodka je prebujanje po meri donatorskih veščin. Cilj spletanja celoletne in decembrske dobrodelnosti je rekreacija, druženje in aktivno preživet dan v našem zdravem, otrokom prijaznem Unicefovem mestu Ruše.

Srečno, zdravo in uspešno novo leto 2023!

Ekipa Natura 2020