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Ruše, 23 April 2025

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Teaching about wisdom


Innovative business model



We will celebrate the 380th anniversary of the Ruše Latin grammar school (1645–1761) – the first educational institution of this kind in the Slovenian part of Styria, which operated more than 100 years – by publication of our own book fund on the World Book Day

We will dedicate the forum to promotion of the teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton, which encompasses:

  • the innovative business model of internationalisation MARKET ENTRY,
  • the strategy of innovating value Market&Innovation. 

The purpose is commonly beneficial, charitable and sustainable. We raise donations for publication of the book fund and realisation of the event. We also look for strategic partners and supporters of internationalisation of our boutique vision. 

The aim is internationalisation of the teaching about wisdom and integration of knowledge management in international environment.

  1. Hypothesis/survey/book:
  • Self = human being = human capital
  • Resounding = searching for sense = lifelong learning
  • Imagination = ability to imagine, dream = lifelong achievement
  • Self/dice/circle/triangle/business
  • Gnothi seauton = knowing yourself – who, what you are
  1. Methodology IMRAD:
  • Introduction – methodology – results of work – discussion
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3.Results of survey/work/game

Prime factors 

  • f(self) = Self2   + Self3 + Selfn
  • f(self) = IQ2 + EQ3 + SQn

Meaning of symbols:

  • Self2 = higher self (roles)
  • Self3 = third eye (tasks)
  • Selfn = sixth sense (skills)

Lifelong achievement – self – is based on lifelong learning. 

  • IQ – rational intelligence 
  • EQ – emotional intelligence
  • SQ – spiritual intelligence 

4. Discussion

Innovative business model

  • First step
  • Golden section
  • Diamond projectile


  • Good start
  • Reliable continuation
  • Safe landing

Principles of sacred geometry

  • Sue tempore
  • Sectio aurea
  • Studium generale

Perspectives – standpoints – are, as follows:

  • Elevation
  • Ground plan
  • Side view

Measures – results – are, as follows:

  • Section
  • Cross-section
  • Detail 

Details – elucidations – are, as follows:

  • Common-sense
  • Resounding
  • Innovative

Human factor – ‘self’

  • Self/ourselves = f(roles, tasks, skills)
  • Organisational roles: opazovalec, spodbujevalec, povezovalec, vodja.
  • Leadership tasks: planning, organising, leading, controlling.
  • Management skills: conceptual, interpersonal, communicational, technical.

Researchers of the teaching about wisdom bet on the economy of ethics of virtue.

  • Achievement = f(capabilities, effort, opportunities)
  • Achievement = successfulness, efficiency and satisfaction

Successfulness means to do right things, which are linked to achieving organisational goals, which define us as business leaders. 

  • Self = f(to be, to do, to have)

Efficiency addresses the ratio of input and output of the value system of the economy of ethics of virtue, i.e. benefits in comparison to costs of self-affirmation, which we pay by our own norm/image. 

  • Self = f(thinking, deciding, leading)

Satisfaction is linked to awarding and readiness for greater engagement (comp. S. Možina: Management, Didakta, 1994, page 29).

Small satisfaction is a seed of higher satisfaction, a little is a seed of much more. Intuitive decisions are tiny acts.

  • Talent/self = intelligence, creativity, gift
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Organisation of work:

  • Goals: planning, organising, leading, controlling (source: S. Možina: Management, Didakta, 1994, page 19).
  • Ritual roles: thralls, masters, rulers, merchants (source: S. Možina: Management, Didakta, 1994, page 105).
  • Informational rent: unknown-unknown, known-unknown, known-known, unknown-known (source: S. Možina: Management, Didakta, 1994, page 222).
  • Market positions: dogs, cows, stars, question marks (source: S. Možina: Management, Didakta, 1994, page 317).
  • Market share: leader, competitors, followers, experts (source: S. Možina: Management, Didakta, 1994, page 787).
  • Competences = for ideas, people, data, things.

Values intertwine, accumulate/multiply/sum/intensify to create a victorious ‘self’, the symbol of success.


  1. Innovative thinking: knowing and analysing, focusing on the problem, incubation, illumination and testing (source: S. Možina: Management, Didakta, 1994, page 251).
  2. Organisational culture: symbols, role models, rituals, values, practices (source: S. Možina: Management, Didakta, 1994, page 317).
  3. Life cycle: stage of occuring, stage of growth, stage of differentiation, stage of consolidation, stage of liquidation (source: S. Možina: Management, Didakta, 1994, page 418).
  4. Needs according to Maslowu: physiological needs, needs for security, needs for belonging and love, needs for reputation and self-esteem, self-affirmation (source: S. Možina: Management, Didakta, 1994, page 498).
  5. Leading is ability to influence, encourage and direct others in a process of achieving desired goals (source: S. Možina: Management, Didakta, 1994, page 525).
  6. Ability of leading: knowing yourself, intuition, sharing of power, consistency of values, vision (source: S. Možina: Management, Didakta, 1994, page 526).
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Natural selection – branding:

  • Axiom, azimuth, orienting point, magnet.
  • Identification, positioning, segmentation, diversification.

Natural aristocracy. Natural – real – authority/presence/authenticity. Expressing of the self changes, while the self itself does not change. Essence is essence. Original is original. Each self is unique.

  • Self = character, temperament, imagination

Learning of resounding begins by awakening of imagination, which allows us to optimise time management, what enables us to awaken a real authority in the right place at the right time. 

  • By recall = game = transformation
  • By insight = work = transaction

The human factor or the value system of the economy of ethics of virtue Market & Innovation always awards awareness/probity.

Colour therapy (De Bono):

  • Black
  • White
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue

Logotherapy ‘Do not be angry’

  • Who or what?
  • Who or what (does not exist)?
  • Whom or what to?
  • Whom or what?
  • Whom or what at?
  • Whom or what with?

Maturity exam in a field of quality of resounding is assessed intrinsically. The mark is given according to your own feeling. You can choose the mark between 1 and 10.


Type of change (source: S. Možina: Management, Didakta, 1994, page 851):

  • reorganisation, 
  • restructuring, 
  • optimisation.

Necessary changes (source: S. Možina: Management, Didakta, 1994, page 852):

  • specialisation, 
  • concentration, 
  • diversification. 

Your attitude destroys/establishes/creates trustworthy relationships. 

  • Self = f(masculinity, femininity, puerility)
  • Self = f(glory, praise, honour)
  • Values, culture, ethics, norms
  • Water, fire, earth, air

Traps and tricks of resounding through the character/behavioural triangle of the self in the economy of ethics of virtue address imagination/embodiment, which has to be created in mind. The teaching is dedicated to the Generation Y, which will be ready to pass the maturity exam in a field of resounding in four decades.

The survey/teaching is a challenge for unconventional people, who like resounding/risk, because they consider creating of the lifelong achievement as their lifelong adventure/poetry/mission, what encourage them to target awakened/strengthened vivid imagination.

The art of knowing yourself is not a pure economic science, what was already clear to the Ancient Greeks. However, there is a high possibility, that the economy of ethics of virtue will finally bring us victory, because we will pay the price of natural luxury/survey/self. The judge can be only the one who knows the things.

00 Naslovna Fotka (1)

The survey/book/teaching is a proof, that from 2012, when I issued my first book, to publication of the first popular scientific work/teaching/book Gnothi seauton in 2016 I performed 22 surveys/works/books. For this purpose I FTE (full time equivalent) systemically/intuitively/creatively worked/researched for my own needs.

The aim is donation of the lifelong RRD achievement to individual and supportive environment, which co-finances non-profit activities Natura 2020. The goal is to encourage highly risky, intense investments in the innovative business model of the ESG partnership/sponsorship/donorship.

Book in the coat-of-arms of the municipality of Ruše

A part of the coat-of-arms of the child-friendly Unicef town of Ruše is also a book – a symbol of knowledge. The town, which is located nearby 400 million years old torrent of Lobnica, a humming pearl of the Pohorje mountainside in the eastern Alps, has a mighty history of educational institutions.

»We can not ignore the fact, that in 1187 in the vicinity of the church was established the elementary school, the oldest cultural institution in Styria. According to the records of the Fala chronicler in the period between 1620 and 1628 the Fala castle had a high school for religious, philosophic and economic studies. It acquired a status of university. Thus, it was the first academic institution in Slovenian territory… Cultural life of the town of Ruše was also enriched in 1645, when was established the six-class grammar school, which existed more than a century – till 1763. In that time it was the only school of this kind in lower Styria. According to the chronicle of the parish of Ruše called Notata Rastenzia a founder and the first headteacher of this grammar school was a local parish priest Jurij Kozina… The settlement of Ruše already existed in the Celtic and Illyrian period, i.e. around 400 BC… In the second half of the 14th century the Habsburgs became the rulers of Ruše. According to the cronicle, an emperor Ferdinand III. visited Ruše, where he was welcomed by singing and music in a special cultural centre Odeum… In the time of assassination of Austrian heir to the throne Francis Ferdinand inhabitants of Ruše attended a big manifestation of the Sokol movement and national celebration. Consequently, many inhabitants were arrested and taken to the Maribor prison. The town of Ruše was also called Little Belgrade (orig. Mali Beograd). Nowadays, one of its streets bears this name.«


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ESG boutique congress activities Natura 2020 address its own image/faith/power of each participant, his/her reputation and references, because 99.99% of people have never been in the virgin forest yet. 

The purpose is to test sports passion (walking, running, cycling), get acquainted with cultural dowry (book, poetry, music) and experience enlightenment (course, excursion, team building) in the neighbourhood of the birthplace of a pharmacist professor Franc Minařik, who was born on the bank of 400 million years old mountain creek Lobnica, which flows through an amazing virgin forest Šumik on the Pohorje mountainside in the eastern Alps.

The aim of highly intense motivational event is to awaken imagination (ability to imagine, dream), strengthen leadership capabilities (roles, tasks, skills) and upgrade leadership competences (intelligence, creativity, talent) on a basis of the teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton (who, what we are).

Jelencek Min

Main values of a trademark Natura 2020 Premium, which are also beneficial in a banking sector and mutual funds, are as follows: transparency and sincerity, connection of best people, excellence in relation to clients, efficiency and innovativeness, as well as close relationship with people who make us possible to create in a sustainable ecosystem of the Pohorje mountainside-Drava river-Kozjak mountainside in a child-friendly Unicef town of Ruše the environment, where open communication and everyday challenges are not only welcome, but also mean responsibility to 400 million years old mountain watercourse Lobnica, a humming pearl of the water circle Black lake–Black Sea, which flows through the virgin forest Šumik on the Pohorje mountainside.

The vision of digital transformation LET’S GO NATURA 2020 – LET’S GO TO RUŠKO POHORJE is to become the best on-line destination in the XR (VR & AR & MR) technology in Styria as well as Slovenia.

Our goal is taking care for zero carbon footprint of a boutique destination on the Ruško Pohorje mountainside. We plan to achieve this by setting up on-line platform LET’S GO NATURA 2020 and recommendative quiz LET’S GO Natura 2020 Premium, which are performed to offer support to our strategic sponsors and official donors in achieving their strategic, business and financial goals. We also protect mutual trust in accordance with legislation and by strengthening credibility, responsibility, excellence, honesty, loyalty and integrity of sustainable raising awareness, education and empowerment with regard to natural, cultural and technical heritage of experiential destination Natura 2020. By presence/authenticity we establish a long-term vision with multifaceted positive effects, which reflect in broader Slovenian space. Namely, on a basis of principles of the economy of ethics of virtue according to the teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton we promote culture of harmony.

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The aim of promotion the birthplace of a pharmacist professor Franc Minařik, a poet Janko Glazer and a glass factory owner Benedikt Vivat is to proclaim their reputation, as well as reputation of destination in the vicinity of 400 million years old virgin forest waterfall Grand Šumik, the highest Slovenian waterfall on non-carbonate soil, on Slovenian and foreign markets in a sphere of movie, photographic and experiential tourism, where we participate with 3D-modelled water lily from Lovrenc lakes and a videoclip about 24 metres high Grand Šumik waterfall. “Help to yourself”: it’s the motto of a campaign, which we use for raising funds of official sponsors and donors for investment in bilingual on-line platform LET’S GO Natura 2020 Premium. It will enable us giving credible assistance to interested stakeholders in discovering boutique historical and local heritage of green circular transition.


  • LET’S GO ON A TRAIN – LET’S GO TO THE CHILD-FRIENDLY UNICEF TOWN OF RUŠE. A purpose is to discover 400 million years old mountain torrent Lobnica, a humming pearl of the Pohorje mountainside, including visit of the permanent photographic exhibition AMAZING VIRGIN FOREST ŠUMIK.
  • LET’S GO TO AMAZING VIRGIN FOREST TO DISCOVER 400 MILLION YEARS OLD GRAND ŠUMIK WATERFALLis a photographic excursion intended for taking winter videos by use of a drone.
  • LET’S GO TO SMOLNIK TO DISCOVER 400 MILLION YEARS OLD COLOSSAL CANYON OF THE LOBNICA VALLEY – winter trip along the colossal canyon from the Harič sawmill to remnants of the Marinc sawmill. Phone signal does not exist.
  • LET’S GO TO RUŠE WINE PATH– discover a descendant of the oldest vine in the world Modra kavčina and make a circular walk along 2.7km long wine path to find an entrance to the Pohorje underground world, where lives the enchanted Pohorje Sleeping Beauty.
  • LET’S GO TO HELP A FOX TO FIND ITS DEN is a trip for the youngest participants.
  • LET’S GO POD GOROJ for a visit of a summer theatre with a prince’s stone and walk to the bench of love.
  • LET’S GO BY BYCICLE TO RUPNIK BUNKER ON THE BANK OF DRAVA RIVER ON BEZENA, where you can enjoy a view of the Viltuš mansion from the opposite bank of the Drava river.
  • LET’S GO TO CIRCULAR RIDE WITH A TOURIST TRAIN AROUND THE WATER GONDOLA LOBNIŠKA RIŽA – a panoramic ride from the eastern to the western roundabout of the town of Ruše, which crosses the old centre of the town.
  • LET’S GO TO MOTIVATIONAL WORKSHOP GNOTHI SEAUTON to learn about innovative business model of awakening leadership competences MARKET ENTRY in fields of labour, capital and finances.
  • LET’S GO TO ON-LINE SCHOOL OF AWAKENING. Awakening imagination/nobleness is a unique and sacred moment, which links you to the character of the virgin forest and 400 million years old watercourse regardless of your religion or tradition. You can choose it to raise your empowerment, as an upgrade of your leadership skills.

Mimimal number of participants: 50 (one bus/train). 

Maximal customized team building participation: 250 persons a day.

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I am water. My name is Lobnica.

I am a natural value. My name is virgin forest Šumik.

I am a waterfall. My name is Grand Šumik.

I am wood. My name is beech tree.

I am stone. My name is tonalite.  

I am a mountain flower. My name is arnica.

I am an animalic creature. My name is deer.

I am a pollinator. My name is bee.

I am a forest. My name is Pohorje.

I am a river. My name is Drava.

I am an ecosystem. My name is eastern Alps, eastern Drava valley.

I am a town. My name is Ruše.

I am a country. My name is Slovenia.

I am energy. My name is Sun.

I am light. My name is colour.

I am immortal. My name is cloud.

I am food. My name is mushroom.

I am a forest fruit. My name is blueberry.

I am voice. My name is music.

I am a soul. My name is oxygen.

 I am green luxury. My name is Natura 2020.

Vir: Milan Robič, Postal bom predsednik države, 2023, str. 111, Društvo Natura 2020, Ruše, Slovenija.

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