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Ruše, from 9 June to 27 September

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As you probably know, 99.99% of people have never been in the virgin forest yet.

Summer school of awakening Natura 2020 addresses work, business, vacation and life in the sustainable ecosystem of the Pohorje mountainside-Drava river-Kozjak mountainside in the eastern Alps, where in the eastern Drava valley lies child-friendly Unicef town of Ruše, which is only 11km away of the oldest vine in the world, and only 17km away of the virgin forest Šumik.

The aim of creative adventures is awakening/usage of your own imagination (ability to imagine, dream), what is achieved by resounding (searching of sense) in an unspoiled natural environment nearby 400 million years old mountain watercourse Lobnica, a humming pearl of the Pohorje mountainside, which flows through the virgin forest Šumik, where you can find the Grand Šumik waterfall.

The purpose of the school of knowing yourself is creation of globally renowned reference by means of your own image, which reflects awakened imagination (ability to imagine, dream).

Adventures of knowing natural, cultural and technical dowry take place until the World Tourism Day on 27 September. They are intended for closed groups of co-financers of our non-profit congress activities.



We start basic course/training of resounding (searching od sense) with natural exercises for awakening imagination (ability to imagine, dream), what we practise in a natural environment nearby 400 million years old watercourse Lobnica, a humming pearl of the Pohorje mountainside.

A basic course/training is intended for professionals, who want to refresh some views of the economy of ethics of virtue from the aspect of author teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton, because the river of life – knowing yourself – never stops to flow. Especially, this course is made for beginners, who are interested on entering the market of modern political economy and private economic diplomacy, as well as want to get acquainted with natural techniques of resounding to improve their imagination.

A purpose of awakening imagination is training of intuitive thought process of resounding known as the MARKET ENTRY in a field of labour, capital and finances.

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A transfer of the teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton is an adventure of creativity. Its purpose is to learn, how to use principles of the economy of ethics of virtue, proclaimed by the teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton, directly in a practice of resounding. Vividness of imagination brings concentration, empowerment, awareness, that we are able to swim in the river of life together with sharks and survive. Presence and authenticity (who, what you are) are nothing else but vividness. Presence means empowered action.

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