Sports passion, natural beauties and cultural dowry

Amazing virgin forest Šumik

Visit of a virgin forest is enough for a cosmopolitan image

Dear green explorers of the ancient wisdom!

In a new economic reality you should be able to take care for a competitive positioning of your own image.
Let the virgin forest experience Natura 2020 become your first choice for a journey.

Are you one of those 99.99% of people, who have never been in a virgin forest yet? 

Let’s visit the virgin forest Šumik on the Pohorje mountainside to discover 400 million years old and 24 metres high Grand Šumik waterfall in the eastern Alps in green Slovenia. In the virgin forest does not exist phone signal. Walk along a demanding mountain path at your own risk.

Welcome in a homeland of NBA star Luka Dončić and former First Lady of the USA Melania Trump.

Raise your rating

Nowhere else is a real and digital world you will strategically position your image in a faster and cheaper way than here. In just one day you can strongly increase your rating in social media with documented evidence of your virgin fores experiences, because 99.99% of competition has never been in the virgin forest yet

The first choice for a decent, sustainable and socially responsible conquering of healthy competition is the visit of the eastern Alps. You land at the airport in the vicinity of the Slovenian capital – the green city of Ljubljana. Let your your intellectual property and bestowed positioning your personal brand, own intellectual property and donated know-how (exchange of experience with local legends). This allows you to in 24 hours with own agility, innovation and imagination (ability to imagine, dream) create your personal capital, which will be recognisable in social networks and real business environment.

Such kind of study rituals for examination of green natural sights or or wedding customs you can participate only in a period from 21 June to 21 September.

We, the green explorers of the Society Natura 2020, are aware, that 99.99% of cosmopolitans want to explore a mixed virgin forest, but they do not have enough time for this.We offer them a solution in a form of a quality one-day opportunity.

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The sunny side of Alps

Together with us, the local legends,you will discover secrets of the the green abundance/hospitality/luxury,get rid of prejudices and fear of the virgin forest and a mystical being known as the the water sprite Jezernik.Namely, also Dr. France Prešeren, the author of the Slovenian anthem text, wrote a poem titled the Water sprite.

Our hospitality is based on čudoviti wonderful warmth of beech timber,colossal pleasantness of the countryside and boutique gastronomy,because the way to a human being’s heart is through his/her stomach which can be healed by the Pohorje mountainside brandies.

The plan of exploring spiritual experience of energetic hiking is based on realistic forest escape in the primally preserved virgin forest Šumik on the Pohorje mountainside.A base camp is in child-friendly Unicef town of Ruše, where we recommend accomodation, because we start our journey before the break of dawn to catch special light effects of the sunny side of the Alps.

Mythical mysteries of natural and cultural heritage as well as intellectual property is discovered by help of smart phone application which enables photo safari by support of a technology of augmented reality.You need to to listen to yourself, and hear the voice of subconscious.You need to trust your intuitionSuch an experiment of awakening leadership competences is a kind of learning by retrieval.The nature allows us insight to our own inner power,because in dangerous circumstances we should rely on our own power,which reflects in images of mighty beauties of the virgin forest. Training of photographic skills images of mighty beauties of the virgin forest. Training of photographic skills awakens our third eye or the sixth sense, because in the virgin forest you can meet and make photos of the unique natural throb which is preserved from the ancient times. You will learn the secret of knowing yourself yourself according to the teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton (who, what we are). Participants will get presented a natural power of the water circle Black lake – Black Sea, as well as unbelievable power of trees, which grow from pure rocks,what promotes understanding of the power of invisible subconscious and self-confidence.This will include experiences of a natural facial Kneipp therapy,colour therapy mighty trees , highly intense sound retreat,barefoot walk through rapids of a mountain creek, foot reflexology session across macadam path and meadow selfness.

Photo safari walking ritual lasts up to 5 hours or one day, depending on intensity, wishes and psychophysical shape of participants. In the virgin forest we will walk across long circular pathpot across 12,5 km long. We will move between 890 and almost 1000 metres above the sea level. The Holcarska path from the Grand Šumik waterfall to the ridge of the Pohorje mountainside is categorised as a demanding mountain path.It is secured by steel ropes, therefore you will need suitable equipment and skills,because rocks are slippery and life-threatening.You will also need suitable hiking footwear,because we will partly cross a swamp area. We do not take responsibility for dirty and torn clothes..

Before the start of exploratory mission we will arrange formalities.You will participate in the experimental test of the threshold of your own imaginarity/awakening attend at your own risk.. In a case of a family trip trip it is recommended that children are over 9 years of age, while a a customized study trip should be carefully planned.. Participation at a wedding festival/trip is exclusively customized, because it presents a glamorous green extravagance of the wedding energetical hiking.


The goal of digital transformation

 Bringing beauties of Slovenia closer to socially endangered children and other vulnerable groups of people. The project is aimed to present Dinaric, Pannonian, Alpine and Mediterranean regions through natural, technical and cultural heritage.

Congress activities are long-term ones, because we integrally prepare events and animated movies in the AR and VR technologies/applications, as follow:

  • 400 years since Jurij Kozina’s foundation of the Latin school of Ruše, which will take place in 2045 (1645–1760);
  • 200 years since the beginning of building the glass factory Novi Benediktov dol, which will take place in 2034 (1834–1892);
  • 150th anniversary of the freight locomotive TDR MICA, which will take place in 2039 (1889-1975);
  • 150th anniversary of the birth of a pharmacist and historian professor Franc Minařik, which will take place in 2037 (1887–1972); however, we started preparations for the 140th anniversary of his birth, because we want, that he gets his first memorial in his birthplace.

Know yourself and you will know the teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton

Reaffirmation of reputation begins with a goodwill, i.e. knowing the teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton through learning in the environment of the primevally preserved virgin forest Šumik on the Pohorje mountainside, because 99.99% of people have never been in the virgin forest yet. In our virgin forest, where does not exist a phone signal, a hiking means the only way of motion. A demanding mountain path is secured by a wire rope, and therefore a comfortable hiking footwear and skills of walking on fatally dangerous slippery rocky ground are recommended. You should also know the golden dam of 400 million years old torrent Lobnica, a humming pearl of the Pohorje mountainside.

Together with us, the local legends, who are authors of the teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton, which proclaims the innovative business model MARKET ENTRY and the strategy of innovating value Market&Innovation, you will find freedom beyond conventional modes of thinking. You will develop new, innovative ideas, which can inspire, amuse or challenge sound competition, which you will impress and attract to cooperation.

We nurture the quality of the NATURA 2020 PREMIUM brand with child-friendly congress events

For a known orderer we prepare congress activities. Each year we perform accompanying animation program for children. Such an attitude and use of high technology enable us to preserve natural, technical and cultural dowry of the Pohorje customs Natura 2020 Premium.

1. Gnothi Seauton World Congress

Gnothi Seauton World Peace Leaders Congress will bring together the most powerful investors (June 2027).

2. Strategic business conference

NATURA 2020 for a clean planet and a good cause – on World Tourism Day (September 27 – every year).

3. Festival of health and days of pharmacy

Let’s go Natura 2020 – Let’s go on a train – Let’s go to Smolnik

4. World day of poetry Natura 2020

Let’s go to Ruško Pohorje – Ruše, 21. 12. (each year)

NFT Natura 2020 - Narava. Umetnost. Diplomacija.

Natura 2020 for a clean planet and a good cause

svetovni kongres gnothi seauton

What is the purpose of the website

The purpose of the website NATURA 2020 and video production is easier raising donations and activating strategic partners for realisation of our vision. Our target group is business public. We are focused on business leaders, executive managers and directors of commercial communication, marketing and public relations.

We invite to cooperation project partners, who search for a quality brand of sustainable behaviour for their own promotion. We express prestigiousness by 400 million years old Pohorje mountainside creek, the green attraction of priceless value, which flows through the virgin forest Šumik in the Eastern Alps.

We preserve sustainability through the project NATURA 2020 FOR A CLEAN PLANET AND GOOD CAUSE. By support of the high-tech TaleUp application we take care of boutique treasury of the water circle Black lake–Black Sea in a socially responsible manner. We bet on author teaching about wisdom Gnothi seauton, which is collected in a popular scientific monography with gilded edges (675 pages, A4 format), which we issued for our own protocolar needs. We also want to issue our own NFT coin/token NATURA 2020 and silver coin I LOVE NATURA 2020.

Nauk GNOTHI SEAUTON z zlato obrezo-min

We focus on natural technical, mythical and cultural heritage. We bet on 400 million years old mountain creek Lobnica, locomotive TDR MICA (1889), Latin school of Ruše (1645–1760) and professor Franc Minařik (1887–1972). The mythical dowry encompasses: water sprite Jezernik , enchanted Pohorje Sleeping Beauty and Brigand's bride. We also bet on the MINAŘIK WORLD CONGRESS ARS PHARMACEUTICA GNOTHI SEAUTON and related (DOCUMENTARY) MOVIE TOURISM NATURA 2020. Our ideal client is a Hollywood star Charles Keanu Reeves.

A long-term vision

Congress activities, business tourism, active boutique sustainable tourist industry for family, children and leisure..

In five years from now the brand NATURA 2020 will be a general holder of the WORLD CONGRESS OF BUSINESS LEADERS OF THE TEACHING GNOTHI SEAUTON, which will take place on 21 June 2027.

We will become a leading on-line platform for spreading the brand NATURA 2020 in a field of on-line NFT coins NATURA 2020 and metaverse industry for your own needs. 

The vision is founded in a mission of the brand, which is concentrated on development and promotion of active business tourism. We are focused on PREMIUM congress activities.

Pohorski car-jelen-min
Planning. Organizing. Leadership. Controlling.

What about the youngest generation?

We will get dedicated to a mission of the youngest generations, which is significantly linked to futuristic investment in:

  • cryptocurrencies, i.e. digital NFT tokens NATURA 2020, which are uniquely identified and protected by cryptography, that can use the blockchain technology for monitoring donations, but they are also useful in the Web3 services;
  • blockchain technology through decentralised, transparent and acceptable book NATURA 2020 PREMIUM, which enables accountancy of transactions with cryptocurrencies SILVER COIN I LOVE NATURA 2020 and I FEEL NATURA 2020 by making decentralised applications for Web3;
  • metaverse world Web3 as more decentralised variant of Internet. The Grand Šumik waterfall is showed in the TaleUp application. The story of the brand NATURA 2020 can be composed by the blockchain technology, because the Web3 services enable use of cryptocurrencies as legal tender for your own needs in a case of donations.
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