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400 million years old mystical spirit

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Sports passion, natural beauties and cultural heritage


Together for higher motivation, stronger health and charity

Welcome to unique win-win charitable ESG team building motivational event Natura 2020, which is a credible way for increasing your own corporate value. It is also used as a tool for charitable co-financing of general nonprofit activities of the society Natura 2020.


  • Do you know, that 99.99% of people have never been in the virgin forest yet?
  • Do you know, that a child-friendly Unicef town of Ruše is the only one of this kind in the world with colossally beautiful 400 million years old virgin forest waterfall, which is the highest Slovenian waterfall on non-carbonate soil?
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Sports passion, natural beauties and health

Therefore, we, the green explorers of the movement Natura 2020, invite you to participate in educational and charitable virgin forest team building excursion. It is a great opportunity to achieve better health of employees and awakening of managers. This encompasses ESG leadership training of competitiveness with a natural selection, as follows:

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  • Gathering with a guided visit of a permanent photographic exhibition titled AMAZING VIRGIN FOREST ŠUMIK with a welcome drink, Guesthouse Ribič, Šarhova path 4, Ruše.
  • Demonstration of the waterfall on a smart phone (know-how).
  • Start of 17km long journey with your own vehicles across a magnificent Lobnica valley and forest macadam road. Arrival to the forest car park, where you can get information about the virgin forest. 
  • A comprehensive test of personal maturity of business leaders includes guided ESG team building educational excursion across a demanding virgin forest mountain path secured by a wire rope, intense sound retreats, colourful aromatherapies, natural fitness and Kneipp face therapy, as well as degustation of Pohorje brandy.
  • Photo safari – 400 million years old and 24 metres high WATER SPRITE JEZERNIK.
  • Return nearby the birth house of a pharmacist professor Franc Minařik, who gave his name to pharmaceutical Minařik medals and recognition awards, and nearby the birth house of a poet Janko Glazer, who gave his name to the highest cultural awards of the Municipality of Maribor.
  • Getting a traditional Pohorje spoon dish, i.e. Pohorje pot, when you will return to the gathering place.
  • Bonus – one-year advertising of your logo and public gratitude on social media.
400 million years old enigma

A sense of cooperation is taking care for health of employees and managers, what we perform for you by team building training of awakening sports passion and nobleness, but at the same time we also fulfil a good purpose – co-financing of nonprofit activities. We invite you to make a reservation of energetic spiritual experience NOW and take benefit of a benevolent tax credit. Awaken leadership skills in embrace of 400 million years old virgin forest waterfall. Photo safari of the water sprite awaits you! Thank you for your contribution, which does not have a price. Namely, health and socialising with us, the local legends, in the virgin forest are priceless.

General terms and conditions:

Transport with your own vehicles across a forest road. Participation at your own risk. Recommended comfortable non-skid hiking footwear. Phone signal is not available. Food and drink from a backpack. Participation is not recommended to people with vertigo. We promote healthy spirit in a healthy body.


We test leadership competences, we awake leadership insights. Natural aromatherapy. Natural fitness walk across the virgin forest accelerates blood circulation. We eliminate primary fear and mental distress in a socially responsible way. Maturity exam in a field of team leadership processes.

You will return home relaxed, with a calm spirit and clear conscience. Optionally you can get to know deers of the Pohorje mountainside, pick up mushrooms, chestnuts, blueberries and other natural medicine.

Number of participants:

  • Type A – at least 1 person, optimally 8 adults.
  • Type B – optimally 50 persons for the option, which includes ride with a tourist train.

Duration: 3 to 5 hours.

Demanding mountain path secured by a wire rope to the virgin forest waterfall and back lasts just over one hour.

Term: 1 May to 31 October 2024.


  • Once 2,000 EUR for the type A (gross final price).
  • Once 5,000 EUR for the type B (gross final price).
  • We are not subject to VAT.
  • Tax number: 29020425.

DO SOMETHING NOBLE, BECAUSE THIS IS NATURAL. By the contribution A you co-finance general nonprofit activities. By the contribution B you co-finance book fund. For pleasant and beneficial!

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400 million years old stone of wisdom

The event is exclusive, internal, intended for a known client for its own needs of empowerment, increasing leadership competences and strengthening team spirit. 


By your contribution – donation/sponsorship/order – you co-finance nonprofit activities. For orders we issue an invoice, for donation we make an agreement. Take benefit of a tax credit.

The contribution assures you also one-year promotion of your logo at marketing and communication channels of the website portal Natura 2020 Premium. Moreover, we express you our gratitude on social media.

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